Starting well

Health and wellbeing information for children, young people and their families from 5 – 18 years

Support and information

Good health supports a child or young person ability to grow, develop, stay safe and achieve as they grow up. This lays the foundation of a healthy and fulfilled adult life.

Public Health priorities for children and young people include improving emotional health and wellbeing, promoting healthy weight, preventing substance misuse including tobacco and vapes, sexual health, and accident prevention and personal safety.

Support and information –

Somerset children & young people : Health & Wellbeing : New Home ( – The Somerset children and young people health and wellbeing toolkit provides information for anyone working with or cares for young people

Somerset children & young people : Health & Wellbeing : New Home ( – The school wellbeing framework is for schools, colleges and Early Years settings to help them become health improving organisations through delivering a whole school approach to health, mental health and wellbeing.

School nurses ( – School nurses are public health nurses who work with 5 to 19 year olds including children educated in school and those who are educated at home.

More information and how to contact school nurses in Somerset

Young people’s mental health ( – Support and information to support young peoples mental health and emotional wellbeing.