Healthy weight for adults

Gaining weight is often a gradual process and is influenced by the environment we live in, the behaviour of people around us and our own choices.

Having a healthier body weight can help reduce and manage the risk of a number of health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer. In Somerset, over half of adults are overweight or living with obesity.

Each person’s healthy weight range differs depending on their age, sex, genetics, body frame, existing medical history and lifestyle habits. You can calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) as the simplest indication of your weight in relation to your health.

For information on how to calculate your BMI, visit: Calculate your body mass index (BMI) for adults

The benefits of maintaining a healthy weight:

  • Can improve your mood and self confidence
  • Can increase your energy levels and help you feel less tired
  • It may make it easier for you to move around and be physically active
  • It may help reduce pain in your joints
  • It will reduce your risk of health problems such as high blood pressure, cancer and heart diseases

The causes of weight gain

Often there is not one cause of weight gain, but a gradual build up from many causes over time. The most common causes are below –

  • Physical inactivity
  • Imbalance of foods this can include – high amounts of sugar and processed foods and drinks, large portions sizes, not enough foods naturally high in fibre and fruit and vegetables and Alcohol.
  • Stress
  • Inadequate sleep
  • Ill Health and medical conditions

Top Tips for a healthier weight:

Healthy eating when trying to lose weight
Healthy weight

Local Support for a healthier weight for adults

Paid for Support

There are a number of commercial weight management programmes available that provide both local group support and/or online support. These all have costs to the individual which vary depending on the provider.

Slimming World
Weight Watchers

Free Support

There is range of local free support available to help you manage your weight.

I want to do this myself with a bit of support online.

Support programmesWho is it forWhat does it coverContact
Support programmesNHS Weight Loss Plan.
Online support and apps.
Who is it forIs for anyone who wants to access this online and free information and app to help you make healthier changes. What does it cover12-week online programme to help planning meals, getting more active and recording your goals and activities. Contact12 Week Weight Management Programme

Lose weight – Better Health
Support programmesNHS Digital Weight Management Service. Who is it forFor adults with a BMI above 30 and with either diabetes, hypertension or both. What does it coverOnline digital support with a coach and resources. ContactContact your local GP practice.

For more information on the programme, visit: NHS England

I want to do this myself with some support from a local support team.

Support programmesWho is it forWhat does it coverContact
Support programmesNational Diabetes Prevention Programme in Somerset. Who is it forFor adults over 18 who are at risk of developing diabetes and don’t already have a diabetes diagnosis. What does it coverGroups and online support in healthier lifestyles including around food, physical activity and behaviour change ContactSpeak to your GP/Health Coach or contact 0333 577 3010.

For more info, visit: Healthier You, Diabetes Prevention Programme
Support programmesHealth Coaches available in your local GP practice. Who is it forFor adults who want behavioural support to help them manage or lose weight. What does it coverVaries in each area but can be 1:1 and group-based support sessions covering lifestyle tips on heathier food, activity and positive behaviour change. ContactSpeak to your local health coach in your GP practice about what they can offer.
Support programmesType 2 Diabetes Path to remission programme. (Formerly known as the NHS Low Calorie Diet programme). Who is it forFor adults who want behavioural support to help them manage or lose weight. What does it coverInvolves following a low-calorie diet alongside behavioural advice supported by a specialist team. ContactSpeak to your GP/Health Coach or contact 0333 577 3010.

For more info, visit: NHS Type 2 Diabetes Path to Remission
Support programmesSomerset specialist weight management service. Who is it forFor people with type 2 diabetes who meet certain criteria. What does it coverProgrammes of support focused on lifestyle, dietary, medication and psychological support. Patients considering bariatric surgery are also supported. ContactSpeak to your Local GP.

For further information visit:

Referral Criteria

Patient Webinars

Healthy weight for children and young people

Being in a healthy weight range can be an important indicator of health for a child or young person.

The way to measure a child’s BMI is different to an adult as it takes into account age, sex and height and a healthy weight range is given as a centile (percentile).

The link to calculating a child or teenagers BMI is here: Calculate your body mass index (BMI) for children and teenagers

You can find more information on children’s weight here: Children’s weight

Information on the local National Child Measurement Programme can be found here: National Child Measurement Programme

For support for parents and families on children’s weight visit: Children’s weight, Healthier Families

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