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Produced by Somerset’s Public Health team, this site provides information and support to promote health and wellbeing and a healthier lifestyle. Explore resources from nutrition tips to mental health support and information on maintaining good physical health.  You can also find information for professionals, including our local training offer, workplace health, and intelligence for Somerset.

What is Public Health?

Public Health in Somerset has many responsibilities from birth to death, protecting and improving the health and wellbeing of the local population.

Our health is determined by many things; our lifestyles and everyday habits, the environment we live in and our social circumstances. We can all help to improve our own health and the health of others around us.

In Public Health we pay particular attention to improving the health and wellbeing of the most vulnerable across the population and we work across the lifespan from pregnancy to older age. The team work to ensure that tackling inequalities is embedded in all we do.

Public Health is a statutory function funded by a national government grant and sits within Somerset Council. The grant is protected and intended solely for the purpose of Public Health.  It differs from NHS health care as it has a stronger focus on prevention across the whole population whereas the NHS is focused more on individuals.

We work closely with and have a strong influencing role across public services including NHS, voluntary sector and council services.

Across this website you will find information on local public health services, health and wellbeing top tips and local resources and training.


This section contains information relating to the services available across Somerset to support your health and wellbeing. For more information on each service, please find the links below.

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Information for Professionals

You can find information and resources to support professionals working with and in Public Health here including accredited providers, training and referrals

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