Smoking can cause serious harm to our bodies, including your skin and internal organs; long term effect can cause permanent damage as well as costing you a lot of money.

Second-hand smoke can also cause health problems for the people around you.


Every cigarette you smoke causes you harm, with smoking being the biggest cause of preventable deaths in England.

There are many reasons to quit smoking, these will be personal to each person.

What can I do?

Millions of people have used Somersets free stop smoking service (smokefreelife Somerset), who offer expert advice and support to quit smoking.

Your Stop Smoking Practitioner will talk you through various quitting options, which will include behavioural techniques and/or medication.

Local Support

Smokefreelife Somerset

Phone: 01823 356222


App: Nicotine Monster 

National Support

Quit smoking – Better Heath – NHS (

For more detailed information visit the smoking page 

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