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Supports families with children under 4 years old and people who are more than 10 weeks pregnant, and are on low incomes, to purchase healthy foods, milk, and vitamins

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Healthcare professionals

The NHS Healthy Start scheme helps families and pregnant people on low incomes to buy healthy food, milk and vitamins.

Your role

Healthcare professionals play an important part in promoting the Healthy Start scheme. You can tell eligible people about the Healthy Start online application and promote the free Healthy Start vitamins.

When people learn about Healthy Start from a healthcare professional, they’re more likely to understand the scheme and make better use of it. This is because healthcare professionals can explain the health benefits of the scheme.

Appointments and social care assessments are ideal opportunities to promote the Healthy Start scheme.

Find out more about the scheme and your role in our guide for health professionals.

You can email any questions about the scheme to

Promoting the scheme

You can download a range of promotional materials to help you promote the NHS Healthy Start scheme.

There are several Healthy Start scheme posters; these are available in multiple languages, posters include a QR code that links to the NHS Healthy Start website to make it easy for people to find out more and apply online.

The Healthy Start scheme leaflets can be downloaded. These contain information about the NHS Healthy Start scheme, how to apply and what card holders can buy with their card. Some leaflets include QR codes which take people directly to the NHS Healthy Start website.

How to apply

Families can apply online for the scheme, in as little as 5 minutes? Check if they are eligible for help with the cost of healthy food and milk and apply online at:

There are animations available to tell you everything you need to know. You can find English and translated versions of the animations on the NHS Healthy Start YouTube.

You can email any questions about the promotional materials to

Sign up to receive updates about NHS Healthy Start.

About NHS Healthy Start

Find out more information about who is eligible for the NHS Healthy Start scheme and how they can apply.

The NHS offer assisted application support over the phone for people who cannot apply online. There’s also a translator service available.

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